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thé à la menthe.

If you don't ask then you'll never know...   Hello, my name is Katy. Geordie/Glasgow girl. I like books that smell, highwaymen, lacy things, foreign languages, a nice cup of Earl Grey and my questionable music taste.

I lived in Russia for a year and several things happened:

I think Nancy, Strasbourg and Poitiers are my top three choices for my 3rd term in France…anyone got good/bad comments about the cities/university life in any of these? Help! :)

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Back from a glorious week in Paris. I was so sad to leave this morning. Every time I go I find a new favourite place there and this time was no exception! [The flea market at St Ouen, in case you were wondering.]
Rock en Seine was insane and marvellous as usual. Saw Green Day for the first time. And cried slightly. Because I am lame and nostalgic and they were the first band I got obsessed with when I was about 11. And they played When I Come Around.
My lameness aside, we went to Versailles, Monet’s house at Giverny, and all over the centre of Paris. I hope I get the chance to live in Paris one day, it has everything.  

Back to uni next week, summer has flown by! 

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Off to Paris tomorrow.
Mainly to go to my favourite festival, Rock En Seine, [they do festivals better than we do in the UK, yeah I said it…] and be transported back to my childhood on Sunday night when Green Day headline, but also to swan around feeling classy.
A la semaine prochaine! 

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Rekindling my love for Jean Gabin. What an incredible man.

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